Raw Data Collection and Rendering

Dear Professors, Doctors, Researchers, Students, you are Welcome!

Double blind repository hosts flat and dynamic data. You can first input and register data, then analyze it and finally share the files for checking purposes and meta analyses studies.

We made the process simpler by inserting all the historical input data into a raw input table with 3 API protocols: https, mail and sms. Of course, double blind conditions are fully supported.

Then, at the project application level, the data is dispatched in the appropriate tables and numerical analyses are computed by softwares written in any common language, including python, perl, java and C++. Starting from the raw input data, many projections can be made by registred researchers.

We store the databases on a redundant network and 7 daily snapshots are saved separately. Any function access can be restricted for specific categories and individual members of your project team.

The Double blind repository main job is to keep the raw input table reliable 24×7, to protect its access and possibly, to serve it to the public or a specific category of users, in the appropriate formats as supplemental data of your reports. We can maintain your web site and the mails, if any.  You can get from Double blind acting as a third part observer, the certification of  the historicity of the raw data records.

Our dedicated and shared servers are located in US, Europe and India. Our job is also to provide the appropriate services at the level that best suits your needs and budget. Managing only one gigabyte or one million gigabytes is not a problem.